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Zhejiang shengzhou park tool factory, is a domestic torque tools series of professional production of comprehensive scale manufacturers. Enterprises have a number of senior professional titles of outstanding scientific research personnel, with the industry's advanced digital computer control of large static torque, testing, verification units, and multi-functional torque tools fatigue, quality inspection units and special instruments, instruments. In order to produce high quality, high precision customer satisfaction products, consolidate the platform foundation.

"Pake" series torque products, is our company's own research and development of high-quality new torque tools, products according to the national GB/ t15729-2008 "torque wrench general technical conditions" standard production. Key parts imported from abroad, the main products are: type TLA (preset) torque wrench series, TG (preset) torque wrench series, BA (preset) type torque wrench series, ACD (dial) type torque wrench series, TLB (dial) high precision torque wrench series, PAKE type (intelligent) high precision digital intelligent torque wrench series of products, by the national authoritative organization examination, verification and performance indicators to achieve GB/T15729-2008 standard requirement. Because "pake" series torque wrench products high precision, complete specifications, stable performance, easy to operate, long service life, thoughtful after-sales service, has been deeply trusted by customers at home and abroad. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, railway, ship, automobile, bridge, electric power, internal combustion mechanism and other fields, so that each machine parts and screws can reach the best state to play a huge function.

The company has been committed to research, development, production, sales and service as one, in line with the "quality-oriented, excellence, innovation and pragmatic" service concept, constantly introduce advanced equipment, excellent talents, constantly improve the internal quality of products, manufacturing high-end quality products, service to the vast number of old and new users.

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